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 This is the book that will prove to you that God exists, He made you, He loves you, and He wants you to know Him and have everlasting life now and into eternity.

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He Is: The Truth that God Exists and the Thorough Investigation of Undeniable Proofs serves as an incredibly comprehensive ‘apologetic’ for the existence of God and the reality that He IS the very God revealed through the Holy Bible, and that He is very much knowable.

Aimed at kindly and warmly walking the agnostic, the skeptic, the scoffer, and the atheist on a conversation through an ever-increasing compilation of evidences from a variety of areas and topics, this book (or collection of SIX books in one) lays down a foundation followed by layer after layer of evidence, each layer preparing the reader to be able to comprehend and accept the proceeding evidence, finally culminating at so overwhelming a collection of evidences that any reasonable jury or judge would determine WELL BEYOND “a reasonable doubt” that God exists and the Bible is His very Word for us to accurately know Him.

The areas of evidence range from the philosophical to the legal, direct and circumstantial, forensic, scientific and mathematical, archaeological, geological, paleontological, geographical, biological, medical, textual, bibliographical, paleographical, epigraphical, philological, orthographical, historical, biblical, prophetic, typological, thematic, cultural, social, spiritual, supernatural, and of course, anecdotal. All of this does away handedly with the allegations of mythological or conspiratorial invention by mere men as well.

Along with answering the doubts and accusations of unbelievers, professing believers too can benefit from this book for the purposes of strengthening their understanding of the faith, growing in their boldness to share the truths of God with others, and having an extensive resource to point others too when questions of evidence arise (one need not have everything memorized, but knowing it’s in here thanks to a cursory familiarity will make sharing with others all the easier – one of the main inspirations for writing this work).

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