“No One Said Life Would Be Fair [but I found Hope]” – An INCREDIBLE Autobiography of pain, suffering, loss, and PERSEVERANCE WITH JOY!

My good friend PIERRE just released his INCREDIBLE #AUTOBIOGRAPHY on Amazon! This short (74 page) easy-to-read (albeit PAINFUL) story tells of his life through so many woes, but how he was able to overcome and be filled with JOY!

Many who don’t believe in following Jesus Christ have taken this stance because they doubt the existence of God due to the evil that they’ve witnessed or endured. Yet at the same time they doubt and deny, MILLIONS who have had it worse than them KNOW, LOVE, and FOLLOW GOD.

They miss that God IS going to do away with ALL evil, and if He hadn’t been so patient He would have long ago done away with every last person on the earth who does evil (the judgment, however, is looming).

They also miss that God has said:

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness”

God is GLORIFIED through how well His children suffer through hardship as He sustains them. When the unbelieving world looks on and sees us have JOY despite the evil done to us, they have no choice but to be in awe, often desiring an answer and wanting to share in the hope that we have in Christ. THIS brings God GLORY!

Please share this short resource far and wide so MANY can be encouraged and have hope despite evil done them throughout life, past, present, and future, and so that many might be saved! As far as ‘apologetics’ goes, that my dear friend still loves God and loves people after all this tells you THERE IS A GOD IN HEAVEN!

Be blessed!

ps: I believe much of the proceeds will go to a children’s charity in Guatemala which Pierre sits on the board for.